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This True Shooting Percentage calculator can help you quickly and easily compute the TS% of a given player.

You can determine a TS% in four simple steps:

  1. Input the overall number of points a player has scored
  2. Input the FGA value of the player
  3. Input the FTA value of the player
  4. Click on the "Calculate TS% & TSA" button, and the results will be generated.

What is True Shooting Percentage (TS%)?

Players can score points for their teams in basketball in various ways. If they shoot and score within the arc, they score a field goal, which is worth two points. If they shoot and score from beyond the arc, they score a three-pointer, which is worth three points. Finally, players can score a free throw of one point. As the points value of each shot varies, not all shots are equal. When we evaluate a player's true shooting percentage, we are essentially taking all his or her shots into consideration.

The true shooting percentage statistic was first introduced by the Association for Professional Basketball Research Metrics (APBRmetrics), and it is now very commonly used in basketball leagues because it provides a very good indication of a basketball player's skill.

How is True Shooting Percentage Calculated?

The following equation is used to determine true shooting percentage:

TS% = PTS/(2*TSA)

TSA = FGA + (0.44*FTA)


TS% = true shooting percentage,
TSA = true shooting attempts,
PTS = number of points scored (including 2pt, 3pt, and free throws),
FGA = total number of field goals attempted, misses, and makes (excludes free throws),
FTA = total number of free throws attempted, including both misses and makes.

Example: A player has scored 1000 points spanning 650 field goal attempts and 250 free throw attempts.

We start by determining the player's TSA value:

TSA = 650 + (0.44*250) = 760

We can subsequently use this TSA value to determine the TS%:

TS% = 1,000/(2*760) = 0.6578

Finally, we convert the TS% value into a percent.

0.6578 = 65.78%

The TS% of the player of interest is 0.6578, or 65.78%.

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