Random Number Generator

Random number generators are used in designing simulations of games of chance and performing statistical tests. For example, if you play online poker, the deck is shuffled and the cards are dealt with the aid of a random number generator. Random functions that are built into programming languages such as C++, PHP, Java, and JavaScript are actually pseudorandom number generators, PRNGs. Pseudorandom number sequences are periodic sequences with extremely large periods and mimic the behavior of truly random sequences.

You can use the random number generator below to produce numbers within a specified range. Use the menu options to select the type of number you wish to output.

Lower Bound =

Upper Bound =

Type of Number Output:

Multiple of
Perfect Square
Power of 2
Fibonacci Number

To generate truly random numbers, you must use external hardware that detects randomness in physical processes. For example, there are many generators that detect noise in temperature, light, sound, or other quantum phenomena and use these signals to produce a sequence of completely random numbers. Several manufacturers make entropy keys that can be plugged into a USB drive. Serious online gaming websites rely on such hardware-based RNGs to prevent players from predicting which cards are dealt.

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