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Scientific Calculator

Allowable Numeric and Symbolic Entries:

1234567890 . / * + - ( ) e  pi  phi ( 1 + 5 )/2, em Euler-Mascheroni Constant

Standard Functions:

abs(x), sqrt(x), cbrt(x) cube root, ln(x), exp(x), pow(x,y) x^y, fact(x) x!

logb(x,y) log base x of y, root(x,y) x^(1/y), rand(x) random # between 0 and x

sin(x), cos(x), tan(x), sec(x), csc(x), cot(x) radians

asin(x), acos(x), atan(x), asec(x), acsc(x), acot(x) radians

sinh(x), cosh(x), tanh(x), sech(x), csch(x), coth(x)

asinh(x), acosh(x), atanh(x), asech(x), acsch(x), acoth(x)

Number Theoretic Functions:

gcd(n,m), lcm(n,m), comb(n,k) combination n choose k, perm(n,k) permutation n choose k

fib(n) nth Fibonacci #, luc(n) nth Lucas #, trib(n) nth Tribonacci #

pyth(n,m) Pythagorean triple generated by n and m

bin(n) binary, tri(n) ternary, oct(n) octal, hex(n) hexadecimal

Special Functions:

area(x,y,z) area of a triangle with sides x, y, z

det2(a,b,c,d) 2 by 2 matrix determinant

det3(a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i) 3 by 3 matrix determinant

Important Syntax Tips: Always use the * between quantities that are multiplied; parentheses alone will not work. Do not use the ^ for powers; use the pow(x,y) function instead. Happy calculating!

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