academics: n. the collective term for academic subjects, i.e., subjects studied in school, college, or university. from the Greek akadēmeia.

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10 Steps to Write a Research Paper in APA Format

APA format is the research paper style developed by the American Psychological Association. In college and graduate school, APA is the standard style for writing research papers that describe studies or experiments. Especially in psychology, sociology, and human health classes, professors often require students to write term papers in APA format.

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Base-n Conversion Using the Remainder Method
Length of a Fibonacci or Lucas Number
Consecutive Integer Problem Solver
Least Common Multiple Calculator
Greatest Common Factor Calculator
Factor Pair Calculator
Third Order Linear Recurrence Sequences Calculator
Padovan/Perrin Sequences and the Plastic Number
First-Order Rational Recurrence Sequence Calculator
How to Solve a Second-Order Rational Recurrence Equation
Nested Square Root Calculator
Derangements/Subfactorial Calculator
Average Speed Calculator
Egyptian Fractions Calculator
Pentagonal Number Calculator
Prime Number Calculator
Integer Partition Function Calculator
Logarithmic Integral Calculator
Euler Totient Function Calculator
Divisor Function Calculator
Möbius Mu Function Calculator
Omega Function Calculator ω(n)
Sum of Consecutive Integers | Triangular Numbers Calculator
Sum of Consecutive Square Integers | Square Pyramidal Numbers
Sum of Consecutive Powers (3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th) Calculator
Sum of Consecutive Triangular Numbers | Tetrahedral Numbers
Geometric Series Calculator
Arithmetic-Geometric Series Calculator
How to Rationalize Denominators with Radicals
How to Rationalize Denominators with Complex Numbers
Palindrome Number Calculator
How to Simplify Radicals/Roots
Multiples of N Between A and B
How to Compute Square Roots by Hand
How to Compute Cube Roots by Hand
Long Multiplication Calculator
Babylonian (Divide-and-Average) Algorithm for Square Roots
Babylonian Algorithm for Computing Cube Roots Without a Calculator
Quick and Accurate Estimation of Square Roots
Quick Estimation of Cube Roots
Printable Tables of Logs, Trig, Inverse Trig, and Radicals
Modulo Calculator
How Many Digits Does a Large Exponent Have?
How to Compute Power Towers xxx ...
Equation of a Cubic Through 4 Points
How to Factor Gaussian Integers into Gaussian Primes
Fraction Comparison Calculator
Linear Diophantine Equation in Two Variables
How to Compute Complex Exponents (a+bi)c+di
How to Calculate Doubling Time and Tripling Time
Quartic Equation Solver & Quartic Formula
Quintic Equation Solver
How to Factor Integers Over the Gaussian Primes
How to Solve Consecutive Integer Problems
How to Find the Rectangle with Maximum Area Under a Curve
How to Solve Radical Equations
Printable Table of Integrals
How to Write a Parabolic Equation in Vertex Form
Lambert W Function Calculator
Gamma & Log Gamma Function Calculator
Beta Function Calculator
Digamma Function Calculator
Error Function Calculator Erf(x)
How to Solve the Pell Equation
The Arithmetic-Geometric Mean
What are "Happy Numbers" and "Unhappy Numbers?"
How to Solve a Differential Equation with Separation of Variables
How to Solve a Differential Equation Using Integrating Factors
Properties of Logarithms and How to Solve Log Equations
How to Solve Exponential Equations
How to Simplify Fractions
Divisibility Rules
Formulas for Combination and Permutation
How to Convert Decimals and Fractions to Percents and Vice Versa
How to Find the Prime Factorization of a Number with a Factor Tree
How to Convert Repeating Decimals to Fractions
How to Solve abx = cx + d
How to Convert Hexadecimal to Decimal
How to Convert Decimal to Hexadecimal
Equation for the Shape of a Hanging Rope, Cable, or Chain
How to Find the Equation of a Plane Through Three Points
How to Solve a System of Three Equations in Three Variables
How to Solve Absolute Value Inequalities
How to Solve Rational Equations
How to Convert a Number to Roman Numerals
Cubic Equation Solver
How to Calculate the Intersection of Two Lines
How to Find the Equation of a Parallel or Perpendicular Line
How to Solve Quadratic Equations
The Equation of a Circle Through Three Points
How to Survive College Calculus
How to Solve Word Problems About Train Speeds
How to Solve Math Problems About Combined Work
Whether or Not a Number is Prime or Composite

Trigonometry & Geometry

Cone Construction Calculator
Surface Area and Volume of a Capsule
Figure the Dimensions of an Ellipse Given the Area and Perimeter
Elliptical Arch Calculator
Barrel Dimensions Calculator & Formulas
Barrel Volume Calculator & Formulas
Graphs of Logarithmic and Exponential Functions
Graphs of Trig and Inverse Trig Functions
Dihedral Angle Calculator for Polyhedra
How to Compute the Area of a Kite
Pyramid of Balls Calculator
Pentagon Measurement Calculator
Hexagon Measurement Calculator
Octagon Measurement Calculator
Paraboloid Surface Area and Volume Calculator
Circles Inscribed Within an Annulus
Descartes' Theorem and Soddy Circle Radius Calculator for 4 Mutually Tangent Circles
Descartes' Theorem for Two Tangent Circles and a Line
Radius of a Circle Tangent to Two Circles and Inside Another Tangent Circle
3-Coordinate Triangle Calculator
Angle Between Two Lines
Triangle Bounded by 3 Lines
Integer Triangles with a 120° Angle
Integer Triangles with a 60° Angle
Pythagorean Theorem Proof
Nearly Equilateral Heronian Triangles
Heronian Triangle Generator
How to Generate Pythagorean Triples
Degree/Radian Conversion Calculator
Spherical Trigonometry Calculator
Golden Ratio Calculator
Silver Ratio Calculator
Square Root of 2 Ratio Calculator
Hexagonal Circle Packing Within a Rectangle
Ring of n Circles Inscribed Within a Larger Circle
How to Find the Radius of a Circle Within a Ring of n Circles
Parallelogram Calculator
Lamé Curve Calculator
Square Pyramid Calculator
Perimeter and Area of an Arch
Triangles in the Half-Plane Model of the Hyperbolic Plane
Pythagorean Triple Calculator: Find Triples (A, B, C) Where C = nA + k
Pythagorean Triple Calculator: Find Triples (A, B, C) Where B = nA + k
Pythagorean Triple Calculator: Find All Triangles with a Given Leg Length
Pythagorean Triple Calculator: Find All Triangles with a Given Perimeter
Pythagorean Triple Calculator: Find All Triangles with a Given Hypotenuse
How to Find the Intersection Angle of Two Circles
How to Find a Parabola's Equation from Its Directrix and Focus
Tetrahedral Volume from Vertex Coordinates
Tetrahedral Volume and Surface Area from Edge Lengths
Arc Length and Area of Parabolic Segment
How to Find the Directrix, Focus, and Vertex of a Parabola
Equation of a Conic Section Through Five Points
Measuring Observed Angles Without a Protractor
How to Find the Great Circle Distance Between Two Points on a Sphere
Volume of a Rectangular Trapezoidal Trough
Perimeter and Area of a Rounded Rectangle
Triangular Center Points
Angle and Radius of an Arc
How to Find the Sides of a Rectangle from the Perimeter and Area
Δ Side, Angle, & Area Calculator
Printable Trig and Angles Cheat Sheet
Area and Perimeter of an Ellipse or Circle
Area of an Ellipse Segment
Folding a Rectangular Box of Maximal Volume (Flapped Lid)
Folding Square Pyramid of Maximal Volume from a Square Piece of Paper
Folding a Rectangular Box of Maximal Volume (Open Top)
Folding a Cone of Maximal Volume from a Circle
Area of a Circular Segment
Volume, Surface Area, and Diagonal of a Rectangular Box
How to Calculate the Area, Perimeter, or Diagonal of a Rectangle
Area of a Regular Polygon with n Sides
Surface Area and Volume of a Sphere
Surface Area and Volume of a Cone
Surface Area and Volume of a Cylinder
Surface Area and Volume of a Spherical Cap
Surface Area and Volume of a Conical Frustum
Surface Area and Volume of a Torus
Surface Area and Volume of an Egg
How to Compute the Area of a Triangle: Four Methods

Statistics and Probability

Online Covariance and Correlation Coefficient Calculator
Variance and Standard Deviation Calculator
Gini Coefficient Calculator
Laplace Distribution Random Number Generator
Gaussian (Normal) Random Number Generator
Log-Normal Random Number Generator
Chi-Squared Distribution Random Number Generator
Chi Distribution Random Number Generator
Pareto (Power) Distribution Random Number Generator
Cauchy Distribution Random Number Generator
Triangle Distribution Random Variable Generator
Weibull Random Number Generator
Logistic Distribution Random Number Generator
Discrete Uniform Sum Random Variable Generator
Log-Logistic Random Variable Generator
Gumbel Random Variable Generator
Continuous Uniform Sum Random Variable Generator
Random Number Generator
Binomial Distribution Calculator
Chi-Square Test Calculator
Chi-Square Table
3 Variable Exponential Regression: z = abxcy
3 Variable Power Regression: z = axbyc
Multiple Linear Regression: z = ax + by + c
How to Minimize the Sum of Perpendicular Offsets (Deming Regression)
Rational Function Regression Calculator: y = (ax + c)/(x - b)
Quadratic Regression Calculator
Least Squares Circle Calculator
Exponential Distribution Calculator
Weibull Distribution Calculator
How to Test Whether Data is Normally Distributed
How to Compute Normal Distribution Probabilities
How to Read a Z-Score Table to Compute Probability
The Difference Between Odds and Probability
Regression Calculator
Descriptive Statistics Calculator
Types of Mathematical Averages and Their Formulas
How to Compute Mean, Median, Mode, Range, and Standard Deviation

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