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Do you need to crank out a poem for an English assignment, to woo your lover, or to convince your creative writing workshop that you've been working? The free online tool below will generate random lines of poetry that sound passably poem-y. It's the easiest way to create "Mad Libs"-style poems with a free verse structure. You can use the pre-set themes of love, cheating ex-boyfriends, summertime or pterodactyls. You can also change the word lists and sentence patterns to customize your randomly generated poems. See the instructions below generator for customization tips.

Pre-Set Sample Themes:









  Pre-Set Sentence Patterns    


Groups 1 through 9 are word lists for different parts of speech; the sentence pattern list at the end is a set of phrase structures using words from the 9 groups. To customize your own random poetry with a word list of your choosing, just add and subtract words from the pre-set lists. For example, to write a poem about going to the beach, you can edit the "Love" word lists to include nouns, verbs, and modifiers related to summer, the ocean, sailing, etc.

To include new sentence patterns, use the pre-set structures as examples. For instance, a phrase like "The lumpy sand massaged my wrinkly feet." would be modeled "The 6 2 4 my 6 1s." With "lumpy" and "wrinkly" in Group 6, "sand" in Group 1 or 2, "massaged" in Group 4, and "foot" in Group 1. After the poem is generated you must manually change "foots" to "feet" to make the sentence grammatical.

The parts of speech are not static, so you can relabel the groups to allow for pronouns, colors, numbers, other verb tenses, or names. Adjust the sentence patterns accordingly after changing the parts of speech.

Post-generation you may need to correct the spellings of some verbs conjugated in the 3rd person singular present. You may also need to correct the pluralization of nouns that end in y, s, ch, sh, as well as irregular nouns. Before using a randomly generated poem, be sure to fix a/an usage for words starting with vowels.

The more words you add to the lists, the lower the chances of repeating a word too many times, especially within the same line.

DISCLAIMER: This random poem generator is for entertainment purposes only. We are not responsible for bad grades received on English assignments, rejection letters sent from poetry journals, or smirking audience members at a poetry reading.

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