How to Buy Mineral Makeup Brushes

Having the right set of makeup brushes will give your face an air-brushed finish that you can't achieve with your fingers or cotton balls. Mineral foundation and powder must be applied with high quality brushes so that the fine particles can cover your skin evenly. Here are the essential brushes you need to apply natural mineral makeup: kabuki brush, foundation brush, concealer brush, and several small eyeshadow brushes.

The must-have makeup brush for any minerals cosmetics is the kabuki brush. The kabuki brush is a large, round brush with long bristles and is used to blend the final application of mineral makeup. It is what really gives mineral makeup the air-brushed finish that women want. Sometimes it is also called the powder brush.

If you wear heavy makeup, or need your mineral makeup to last all day, you will definitely want a foundation brush to apply your mineral foundation. Foundation brushes have long bristles and a flat shape that allows the mineral powder to go on evenly. This is also handy for applying liquid mineral makeup.

A concealer brush is optional, but if you have particular problem areas, you will need this smaller brush. You can put a concentrated dab of mineral makeup in one spot to conceal a blemish, such as a scar or pimple.

Eyeshadow and eyeliner brushes are smaller brushes that help you apply mineral eyeshadows more evenly. You may want several if you plan on using many colors.

High quality makeup brushes are an investment, so to take care of them. They can last a longer if you store them where the bristles won't get bent. Always shake off excess mineral makeup to keep them from getting clogged with cosmetics and dried skin.

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