Where Can I Find Free ASVAB Study Material?

Before you take the ASVAB at a military recruitment office, you should get a few practice tests under your belt to ensure that you earn a high score. There are many sources of free ASVAB practice tests and sample questions if you know where to look. Here are some strategies to score free study materials.

Visit a public library. Most local libraries have study guides for standardized tests, and very likely your library has materials for the ASVAB. If there aren't any copies at your branch, the library can easily borrow a copy from another public library branch. Simply ask a librarian, and he or she will put in a request to obtain one or more ASVAB prep books. These books have many practice questions and a full-length exams.

You can also peruse ASVAB study guides in the bookstore. If the store offers quiet reading areas where you can study for an hour or two, it's just like having free practice material (except you can't take it home unless you buy it!)

If you are in high school, you can often acquire ASVAB practice test materials from your guidance counselor or career counselor.

Military recruitment offices may also have some study guides and sample tests. Even if you know that they don't have any study materials, you should contact them to get the details of what to expect on exam day.

There are many online sources of ASVAB sample questions and practice exams. A search using the keywords "asvab practice" will yield dozens of sites that have sample questions. Keep in mind, not all online sources are equal in the quality of their prep material. Don't rely upon online guides exclusively.

Since the AFQT is the most important subtest of the ASVAB, you can do a keyword search for "afqt practice" and get more targeted study material.

Post an advertisement on Craigslist for used ASVAB study guides. Men and women who have already enlisted in the military may give you their old study guides for free.

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