How to Choose an Online Cosmetology School

If you want training to become a certified cosmetologist, but your busy schedule precludes the possibility of attending a traditional beauty school, online cosmetology courses may be the right choice for you. Earning an online degree in cosmetology will give you the training necessary to become a licensed cosmetologist and find work in the beauty industry.

When researching cosmetology schools online, it is crucial that you consider several factors. Tuition costs, the quality of education, job placement rates, and the number of live class sessions vary from beauty school to beauty school. If you are committed to becoming a certified beautician, the guideline below will help you select the best online beauty program.

First, consider the ratio of live to online classes. A decent online cosmetology program must have some mandatory hands-on lessons. Whether you're studying to become a nail technician, esthetician, or hair stylist, your education won't be complete without practical experience. Avoid online beauty schools whose advertisements brag that you can complete the entire degree online.

Consider the online school's name recognition. Ask your peers and other cosmetologists if they have ever heard of the school before. If an online cosmetology program is relatively unknown, then a potential employer may view your credentials more skeptically.

Compare the cost of tuition to your future income. Get honest advice from working cosmetologists about starting salaries and how much debt you could incur from training. Ask the professionals if online cosmetology degrees are treated the same as degrees from brick-and-mortar beauty schools. If an online school seems too expensive, cross it off your list and look at more affordable schools.

Investigate whether credits can be transferred. If you decide to switch beauty schools, some credits from online classes may transfer, while some may not.

Research how the online cosmetology schools are accredited. Most schools boast accreditation by some kind of accrediting body, but not all accreditations are created equally. Make sure the online cosmetology college is recognized by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences (NACCAS).

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