CSV to HTML Table Converter

Spreadsheet programs like MS Excel can store data tables in either a proprietary file format, or a plain text format called CSV, which stands for Comma Separated Values. Each cell's content is delimited by a comma and rows are delimited by line breaks. A file with the extension .csv can be opened with Notepad or other plain text editor, and can be imported into other spreadsheet programs.

Sometimes it is necessary to convert a spreadsheet into an HTML table, for example, if you want to embed data in a webpage or email. To do this, you can save the spreadsheet as a CSV document, and then copy and paste the contents of the CSV file into the conversion tool below. When you click "Convert to HTML Table" the HTML code will be generated along with a preview of the table.

Try CSV to HTML Table Converter

Here's what your table will look like with minimal styles:


If you see any empty cells, make sure that each row has the same number of commas and check that you didn't hit enter after the last row or before the first row.

In HTML, every table begins and ends with the <table> and </table> tags. Each row begins and ends with the <tr> and </tr> tags. Each cell within a row begins and ends with the <td> and </td> tags. Thus, to make a table with 3 rows and 4 columns (4 cells per row), the HTML code is:

If you want to add extra styles such as borders or padding, you can use inline CSS or define new CSS classes in an external stylesheet.

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