Random Password Generator

If you have a lot of online accounts, it may be tempting to use the same password across all sites, or choose simple passwords based on your username or the name of the application. The only thing more insecure than such a system is setting all your passwords to "password." To prevent unauthorized access to your accounts, your best bet is to use a complex string of characters that is easy for you to remember, but impossible for others to guess by trial and error.

Adding caps, numbers, and non-alphanumeric symbols helps make your password even more secure since it decreases the probability that an automated program can crack it using a dictionary attack. You can use the random password generator below to come up with strings of random symbols according to the parameters you set.

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The number of possible combinations for a given set of parameters is xy, where x is the number of possible characters and y is the length of the password. The password generator above uses 26 characters for lowercase letters (default), 26 characters for capital letters, 10 characters for numbers, and 27 symbol characters.

For example, if you check every box and specify a length of 7 characters, the number of possible codes is 897, which equals 44,231,334,895,529.

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