What Is My Computer's Resolution? (Screen Size in Pixels)

Your screen's resolution is:

Width x Length

The resolution of a computer monitor is the width and length of the screen in pixels. Screens with a higher pixel density per square inch can display more detail and render less grainy images than screens with a lower density.

The box on the left automatically detects your screen size with JavaScript. If you have JavaScript enabled in your web browser, you should see two numbers with an "x" in the middle. The first number is the width (number of pixels in the horizontal direction) and the second number is the height (number of pixels in the vertical direction).

Most computer monitors manufactured since 2006 have a screen pixel dimensions of 1024x720 or higher. Older computers typically have a resolution of 800x600.

It is important to remember that the resolution or pixel density does not tell you what the physical dimensions are. Image two screens that have a resolution of 800x600. One screen is 8 inches by 6 inches, the other is 12 inches by 9 inches. The smaller screen has a better resolution since it contains 100x100 pixels per square inch, while the larger screen has only 67x67 pixels per square inch.

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