How Make a Christian Cross-Shaped Cake from a Square

One way to make a cross-shaped cake is to join several smaller squares. However, you can cut a single larger square into three pieces and rearrange them in the shape of a traditional Christian cross, in which one end is longer than the others. When you frost the cake, the seams will be invisible.

Alternatively, you can also purchase a crucifix cake mold.

Step 1:

Bake a square cake in pan that is between 8" and 12" across.

Step 2:

Using a blunt knife and a ruler, mark (but do not cut) the top of the cake as shown in the image above. That is, divide the area into half in one direction, and into fourths in the perpendicular direction. This divides the square into eight rectangles of equal size.

Step 3:

Cut out the two rectangles from the bottom sides of the cake. The remaining cake will form a T-shape. See figure below.

Step 4:

Place one rectangle below the T and one at the top of the T to complete the cross as shown in the image above. Use frosting to stick the pieces together and cover the seam.

Cake Dimensions:

The table below shows the starting dimensions of the square and the finished dimensions of the cross

Square DimensionsCross WidthCross Height
8" x 8"8"12"
9" x 9"9"13.5"
10" x 10"10"15"
11" x 11"11"16.5"
12" x 12"12"18"

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