How Make a Star of David (Hexagram) Shaped Cake from Two Hexagons

A cake in the shape of a hexagram or Star of David can easily be made by dissecting and rearranging the pieces of two regular hexagon-shaped cakes. You can bake such a cake for Jewish religious events, or to form the base of a snowflake-shaped cake.

Alternatively, you can also purchase a Star of David-shaped cake pan.

Step 1:

Bake two hexagon-shaped cakes of the same size using equal hexagon-shaped cake pans.

Step 2:

Using a blunt knife and a ruler, mark (but do not cut) the top of the cake as shown in the image below. That is, divide each area into 6 equilateral triangles by marking the lines that connect opposite sides of the hexagon.

Step 3:

Cut each hexagon into three rhombus (diamond) shapes using the lines you made in Step 2 as a guide. You will have a total of six diamonds. See figure below.

Step 4:

Piece together the hexagram by joining the diamonds at their acute angles. If you make two different flavors of cake, you can alternate the pieces. Use frosting to join adjacent diamonds and cover all of the seams. Use a different color of frosting to draw the Star of David on top of the finished cake.

Cake Dimensions:

If the width of each hexagon is 8" from corner to opposite corner, then the width of the finished hexagram will be about 13.9" from point to opposite point. As a general rule if the width of each hexagon is n inches, the width of the finished hexagram will be about 1.74n inches.

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