How to Find Free LSAT Practice Tests

The LSAT (Law School Admission Test) is one of the most important components of the law school application. Because undergraduate curricula and educational experiences are so different, law school admission committees use the LSAT to evaluate applicants according to a common standard.

The LSAT tests your ability to read critically, analyze arguments, and make logical connections between presented facts--skills you need to succeed in law school. To succeed on the LSAT, it is important to take as many practice tests as you can muster. Here are some tips for scoring free practice LSATs.

Attend all the free practice test events hosted by test prep companies. Kaplan, Princeton Review, Test Masters, and many other businesses often sponsor free LSAT practice exams starting a couple of months before each of the national exam dates. Take advantage!

The LSAC (maker of the LSAT) offers a free practice test on their website. The free LSAT is an actual exam that was administered one or two years ago. They also have sample questions with full explanations.

The LSAC also sells addition tests from earlier administrations. If you are studying with a group of friends, each member of your LSAT study group can buy a test, and you can pool your resources. This is much cheaper than having to spend $10-$20 apiece for 5-10 individual exams.

If you are acquainted with current law students, ask if you can have their practice material, or buy it at a discounted price. If you don't mind having LSAT workbooks with some writing, you can get a ton of additional practice material from people who don't need it anymore.

Online LSAT prep companies may offer potential customers demo tests. Some of these demos are the same as the free LSAC test, other demos are composite practice tests made of questions from different exams. Even if you don't intend to enroll in an online LSAT class, you should take advantage of the free tests. It can't hurt.

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