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200*GPA + GMAT
(in this case n = 200)
      n =


      n =

Admission Formula Minimum Score:

Many graduate schools and business schools use admission formulas based on GPAs and GMAT or GRE scores. Although such formulas do not solely determine admissions, they are often used as cut-offs. If your combined GPA/GMAT or GPA/GRE score is below a certain threshold (admission formula minimum score), the school may not consider your application.

There are several formulas commonly used by MBA programs and other graduate school admission committees. For example, many business schools use the equation

200*GPA + GMAT ≥ 1200

to evaluate applicants. In this scenario, if 200 times your GPA plus your GMAT score is below 1200, then you won't be eligible for admission.

You can use the calculator on the left to figure out the minimum GRE or GMAT score that you need given the admissions formula and your GPA. For instance, in the previous example you would click the first option, enter n = 200, enter 1200 as the admissions formula minimum score, and then enter your GPA.

The examples below also show how to find the minimum GMAT and GRE score by hand.

Example 1

A competitive MBA program uses the formula 250*GPA + GMAT ≥ 1550 to determine admissions. If your GPA is 3.6, what is the minimum GMAT score you need in order to apply?

Solution: Plug 3.6 in for GPA and solve for the GMAT score using ordinary algebra. The answer is

250*3.6 + GMAT ≥ 1550
900 + GMAT ≥ 1550
GMAT ≥ 650

So you need to score at least 650 on the GMAT in order to be considered as a serious applicant.

Example 2

A graduate program in economics uses the formula GPA*GRE ≥ 3500 to evaluate applicants. (This example uses old GRE composite scores, which range from 400 to 1600 if taken prior to August 2011). If your GPA is 3.25, what minimum GRE score do you need?

As before solve the equation

3.25*GRE ≥ 3500
GRE ≥ 3500/3.25
GRE ≥ 1076.92

GRE scores earned prior to August 2011 are scaled in increments of 10, so you must round 1076.92 up to the nearest 10. This means you must earn at least 1080 on the old GRE.

Example 3

Another graduate school uses the formula 100*GPA + GRE ≥ 675 to evaluate applications. (This example uses composite scores from the revised GRE. These scores range from 260 to 340 if taken after August 2011.) Your friend has a GPA of 3.8 and wants to apply to this school. What minimum GRE score does she need?

100*3.8 + GRE ≥ 675
380 + GRE ≥ 675
GRE ≥ 295

In this example, if your friend takes the revised GRE after August 2011, she needs to earn a composite score of 295.

In all of these examples, the higher your GPA, the lower the GMAT or GRE score you need, and vice versa.

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