Printable Canadian Amortization Table and Calculator

Use the tool below to generate a printable amortization schedule for a Canadian mortgage. Simply enter the principal (amount borrowed), the length of the loan in months (number of years times 12), the interest rate as a decimal (percent divided by 100), then hit the "Create Table" button. A new window will appear with a printable amortization table that also includes the amount of your monthly payments.

Principal = $
Number of Months = 
Interest Rate (Decimal) = 


Jean borrows $100,000 for 15 years at an annual rate of 5.8%.

To use the amortization calculator above, Jean enters 100000 for the principal, 180 for the loan term, and 0.058 for the interest rate. (Note, 5.8% = 5.8/100 = 0.058.)

After hitting the "Create Table" button, the full amortization schedule will appear in a separate window which you can easily print. The table displays the monthly payment, each month's portion of principal and interest, as well as the total amount of interest paid and principal due at the end of each month.

At the beginning of the lending period, a larger portion of Jean's monthly payment goes toward the interest due on the loan rather than the principal. In this example, Jean will still owe about half of the principal balance ($50,000) after 110 months.

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