How to Properly Start a Push Lawn Mower

Push lawn mowers are ideal for small yards and take up only a small amount of space in storage. Even for larger yards, they are more economical choice than riding lawn mowers. The drawback is that they aren't as easy to start. More inexperienced people who have never used a push mower may be unsure how to get the machine going. If you have misplaced the owner's manual, here is a quick guide.

Step 1

Place the lawn mower on a level surface and locate the oil cap. Unscrew the cap, wipe off the dipstick, then screw the cap back on and unscrew it again. This gives you a fresh reading of the oil level. If necessary, add more oil, a little bit at a time until it has reached the right level.

Step 2

Next, check the fuel level and add more gas if necessary, using a funnel to pour it into the tank. Proper fluid levels will ensure that the mower starts the first time around.

Step 3

Look for the primer button near the motor. This is a soft button that you can push up and down with your thumb. Push it four or five times to work the fuel up into the carburetor.

Step 4

Stand up behind the mower so that the handle is in front of you. You should see a horizontal lever near the top of the handle. Pull this lever toward you so that it touches the top of the handle, and grab both bars in the same hand. This lever must stay up at all times in order for the lawn mower to run. If it drops back down, the motor will stop. Keep the lever up while you start the mower.

Step 5

Now for the fun part. Reach down and pull on the cord to start the motor. You might have to pull it two or three times if the mower doesn't start on the first pull. Once the mower starts, release the cord and let it coil back inside. You are now ready to mow the grass!

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