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The surface area of a pond is used in many rules of thumb for fish stocking. If you have an accurate estimate of your pond's surface area in square feet or square meters, then you can figure the right number of fish to put in your pond.

An outdoor pond's area depends on its general shape, as well as its overall length and width. You can use the calculator and the chart below to estimate the area of your pond's surface, simply select the shape from the drop-down menu and enter the width and length in inches, using the chart as a guide.

Pond Surface Shapes

pond surface shapes

Note: Calculator results are approximate and may not take into account irregularities such as islands or shapes not listed among the menu choices. To generate the most accurate surface area measurement, you should draw an aerial view of your pond on graph paper, and count the number of squares covered by the shape. See "How to Approximate the Area of an Irregular Shape" for more information.

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