Wedding Budget Calculator

How to use the wedding cost and budgeting calculator: Enter the number of people in the wedding party (attendants), number of other guests, and the maximum amount you want to spend on your wedding. Then check the box next to each item that you want the calculator to budget for you. If you have already spent a certain amount on an item, enter it in the appropriate field. Click the "Calculate" button and the online tool will give you an estimated budget breakdown for each wedding expense.

Extra feature: If you already paid for an item in full out of the wedding budget, enter the amount and uncheck the appropriate box. The calculator will re-allocate the remaining funds among the other items.

Number of Bridesmaids:
Number of Groomsmen:
Total Number of Other Guests:
Total Wedding Budget: $

  Item   Amount
Suggested Remaining Budget
Venue Rental $ $
Officiant $ $
Flowers $ $
Decor $ $
Entertainment $ $
Catering $ $
Alcohol $ $
Cakes $ $
Photography $ $
Favors $ $
Invitations $ $
Transportation $ $
Bride's Attire $ $
Bride's Hair and Makeup $ $
Groom's Attire $ $
Bridesmaids' Attire $ $
Groomsmens' Attire $ $
Rings $ $
Wedding Planner $ $
Unexpected $ $
  Totals: $ $

"Suggested remaining budget" per item is calculated by subtracting the amount you already spent on an expense from the calculator's internally computed suggested value. If you spent more than the recommended amount, the calculator will return $0 in the last column, not a negative number.

Note that these are only estimates based on average wedding expenses. All figures are rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount, so they may not add up to the exact value of the wedding budget. If you are planning a destination wedding, include your travel costs in either the "Venue" or "Transportation" field.

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