How to Create Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs

Tattooed wedding bands are becoming more popular among couples who make a commitment. Because wedding ring tattoos are so personal and sacred, most couples prefer to design their own tattoos, rather than use pre-existing tattoo designs.

The most challenging part of getting a wedding ring tattooed is not facing the needle, but collaborating with your partner to create a meaningful design. Since you will have the tattoo band for a lifetime, you must think carefully about the art. The suggestions below will help you develop the perfect wedding tattoo pattern.

(1) The first thing to do is meet with a tattoo artist to discuss both the possibilities and limitations of wedding band tattoos. If you've never had a tattoo before, there is a lot to learn about ink colors, fading, text size, and tattoo removal.

With finger tattoos, you must consider how skin texture, hair, and weight changes can affect the tattoo. A design that looks good on your back or arm may not work for your fingers. Also consider text size. Tiny lettering is very difficult to tattoo on skin, so using fewer words is better


(2) Decide which part of your fingers to tattoo. Most couples tattoo their wedding bands near the bases of their ring fingers. Some couples tattoo along the inside edge of the ring finger, next to the middle finger. The latter placement allows more room for text, but can be more painful than a traditional ring tattoo.

Consider whether you and your partner want independent or complementary tattoos. For example, each partner can have half of a heart that becomes whole when you put your fingers together. Or you can get text tattoos that form a complete idea when you put your fingers together. Many couples simply use each other's names as the main ring design.

(3) Set aside time to draw tattoo designs with your partner. Consider text patterns using names, dates, or vows. Look at tattoo design books for inspiration in Celtic, Polynesian, or geometric patterns. In some couples, each partner design his or her own finger tattoo; in other couples, partners design the each others' ring tattoos.

(4) Make prototype wedding bands using felt-tip pens, strips of paper that match your skin tones, and clear tape. Draw the patterns on the paper with the markers, cut out the tattoo patterns, and tape them around your finger to see how the designs look. Look at them from different angles to see what you like and what you don't like. (It is best to use felt-tip pens rather than fine pens or pencils since small text is harder to tattoo. Talk to a tattoo artist about text readability.)

(5) Once you and your partner have settled on a tattoo design you can go to the parlor and have it inked.

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