How to Draw a 4-Sided Celtic Knot

Celtic knot designs are popular for tattoos, jewelry, crafts, and may also be used as religious/spiritual symbols. A four-sided knot loop is one of the simplest Celtic knot patterns, similar to the three-sided Triquetra knot. The basic pattern is outlined below, but you can add other flourishes, or interlace it with other knots.


Graphics software or pencil, ruler, protractor, and compass.


Step 1: Draw a perfect square.

Step 2: Take the four vertices of the square as the centers of four circles and draw four 3/4 circles around the sides of the square. (See diagram below.)

Step 3: Around the edges of the square draw eight new points that are 1/4 of the distance from each corner. For instance, if the square is 4 cm, place the points 1 cm away from each corner.

Step 4: Again, use the corners of the square as the centers of four new circles that pass through the points you drew in Step 3. These inner circles will have 3/4 the radius of the previous circles. (See diagram below.)

Step 5: Erase some of the overlapping lines of the figure so that the four loops are interlaced symmetrically.

4-Sided Celtic Knot

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