How to Draw a Unicursal Hexagram

A traditional hexagram (Star of David) is made by overlapping two equilateral triangles. A unicursal hexagram is a six-pointed star that can be drawn using a single continuous loop. This symbol is an emblem of Thelema, a religion developed by Aleister Crowley in 1904. Some Neo-Pagan and Wiccan spiritual practices also use the unicursal hexagram.

You can draw this figure to connect the points of a regular hexagon.


Graphics software or pencil, ruler, and protractor.


Step 1: Draw a regular hexagon, a six-sided figure whose sides have equal length and whose angles all measure 120°.

Step 2: Starting from the top of the figure and going clockwise, label the vertices 1 through 6.

Step 3: Begin by drawing a straight line that connects points 1 and 5, followed by a line that connects points 5 and 2, and then a line that connects points 2 and 4. See diagram below.

Step 4: Continue by drawing a line that connects points 4 and 6, followed by a line that joins points 6 and 3, and finishing with a line that connects points 3 and 1. The entire sequence is

        1 --- 5 --- 2 --- 4 --- 6 --- 3 --- 1

Step 5: You can add finishing touches to the figure by making the lines thicker or creating a knot design where the threads are interlaced.

Unicursal Hexagram

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