How to Look More Attractive in Your Online Dating Profile

Posting an attractive online dating profile photo is essential if you want to meet smart, sane, employed, and attractive singles online. Studies show that your profile pic is the single most important factor in whether or not a potential date contacts you. Make sure you look your best in your dating profile by following these tips. With a gorgeous profile picture, you will meet your perfect match online much sooner.

Take vitamins and drink plenty of water so that your skin will photograph well. Even if you have a great figure and full body pic (FBP), a sallow skin tone will look ten times worse in a photo.

If you take the photo using a regular digital camera, make sure it has a high resolution. Also, get a friend to take your picture. Nothing looks more pathetic in an online dating profile than a grainy mirror shot. If you insist on taking the photo yourself, learn how to use the self-timing feature.

If you want to get serious about finding your match online, consider hiring a professional photographer to take your picture. Once you see how many more responses your profile receives, you will know it was worth the investment. This is key for people who look better in person than in photo. A professional photographer can bring out your natural beauty with the right lighting and angle.

Wear colors that flatter your skin and hair, and take the photo in natural light. Harsh indoor lighting can make your features look distorted or make you look older. Sunlight is good. When someone views your online dating profile picture, he/she subconsciously think of youth and happiness if the photo is taken in sunlight.

Avoid posting a bar picture, or group photo that has been cropped to show only you. Get a high quality shot that has just you within the frame.

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