How to Take Care of an Exercise Ball

An exercise ball (aka stability ball or fitness ball) is a versatile and inexpensive piece of fitness equipment. If you want to keep your exercise ball in good condition for many years, follow these simple steps to take care of your exercise ball.

Keep the carpet or floor where you exercise free of objects that can puncture the exercise ball. Vacuum the floor to remove hardened food crumbs, plant debris, or gravel so that your ball's surface doesn't get damaged.

Take care not to spill any kind of epoxy glues, lacquers, nail polish on the surface of the exercise ball. These products may corrode the rubbery material. If the exercise ball gets dirty or scuffed, clean it gently with soap, water, and a wash cloth. Don't use any household cleaning products as they may also corrode the ball.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions on inflating the ball; avoid over-inflating it. The stability ball will come with a measuring guide so that you don't exceed the recommended diameter when you pump it up. Also check the box to see what the maximum weight load is. If you are particularly heavy, it is safer to use a slightly underinflated exercise ball, as a full one may explode.

If you are going to deflate your ball for storage, fold the ball carefully into a nice flat shape, rather than crumple it. That way, when you re-inflate the exercise ball, it will maintain a spherical shape, with few creases.

Always keep the ball away from young children!

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