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Good Friday Date Calculator
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In the Western Christian Church, Easter falls on the first Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon (PFM), and two days before Easter is Good Friday, part of Holy Week. The date of Good Friday can be as early as March 20 or as late as April 23.

In the Catholic Church, Good Friday is a fast day on which the devout have only a small meal and abstain from eating meat. Good Friday can coincide with the Jewish festival of Pesach (Passover) as that was Jesus's last supper with his disciples. In fact, the word "paschal" is the Latinized form of "pesach."

You can compute the date of Good Friday with the calculator on the left, or by hand using the Easter dating tables.

See also the calculators for Palm Sunday and Ash Wednesday.

Computing the Day of Good Friday By Hand

To find the date of Good Friday for a given year by hand, simply apply the method of calculating Easter's date by hand, but subtract two days from the final answer. For example, if Easter Sunday falls on April 8, then Good Friday falls on April 6. If Easter falls on April 2 or April 1, then Good Friday occurs on March 31 and March 30 respectively.

Good Friday the Thirteenth

The only date when Good Friday may coincide with Friday the 13th is April 13. Some years in which this occurs are show in the table below.

Years in which Good Friday is on Friday the 13th

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